President Trump: “We will never, ever stop fighting on behalf of the American People.”

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Trump: ‘We Are Fulfilling the Promise We Made’

President reaffirms commitment to ‘fighting on behalf’ of the people in first weekly address

President Trump reaffirmed his commitment to “fighting on behalf of the American people” and summarized the actions he took during his first week in office during his first weekly White House address Saturday.

After acknowledging the “enormous responsibilities” that the people placed upon him and his administration, Trump was pleased to report back to Americans the steps he took to protect the country’s citizens, dismantle disastrous trade deals and boost the economy to benefit American workers. Following an eventful week of meetings and signing executive orders, Trump promised that better days were ahead as the country charts its new course.

“Every day, we are fulfilling the promise we made to the American People,” Trump said.

Trump recounted how he met with the leaders of several of the country’s top manufacturing companies and labor unions to discuss how to boost the economy and make the nation more business-friendly and worker-friendly.

“My message was clear: we want to make things in America, and we want to use American workers,” Trump said. “Since my election, many companies have announced they are no longer moving jobs out of our country but are instead keeping and creating jobs right here in America.”


Trump signed an executive order withdrawing the U.S. from the “disastrous” Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with the goal of negotiating “one-on-one deals that protect American workers.” The president also signed an executive order that prepared the country for the upcoming repealing and replacing of Obamacare. Trump also ordered that construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines be resumed following months of heated controversy. His one stipulation was that the pipelines be built with “American steel and manufactured here” to boost the economy and create jobs.

Another executive order involved speeding up the process for manufacturing plants and new infrastructure to acquire permits, and perhaps one of Trump’s biggest moves toward fulfilling his campaign promises involved ordering the construction of a border wall to commence. The president also cracked down on cities with “sanctuary city” policies by denying them federal funding if they refuse to comply with federal laws and officials.

“[Sanctuary cities] are not safe. We have to take care of that horrible situation,” the president said.

Above all, the president sought to assure Americans that both he and his administration have the country’s best interests in mind.

“This administration has hit the ground running at a record pace, everybody is talking about it,” Trump said. “We are doing it with speed and we are doing it with intelligence and we will never, ever stop fighting on behalf of the American People.”

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